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My name is Gordon Bryan, also known as The Great Gordino.

Listen, can I ask you a favour?

If you *aren't* interested in the 3 subjects above, and you don't have a sense of humour, please click away now.

If you have incurable cynicism, if you believe the only way to make money is by working "hard", then this newsletter won't be for you.

If, however, you're one of those individuals who wants to become a better human being... wants to have better relationships... wants to raise happy and positive children in a negative world... wants to achieve their goals... then it certainly *is* for you!

Ok, if you're still reading, thank-you, and 'Hello' again! (now we've got the freebie-seekers out of the way!)...

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I firmly believe that by choosing to self-improve, and implementing a strategy of goal achievement, anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can create wealth in their lives beyond imagination.

And what's more...

I believe it because I've done it!

The principles you'll read about have helped me since I was about 18.

I've made my life more free and powerful, allowing me to follow my own choices, and enjoy the abundance available to us all.

I've made several complete career changes, into industries where I had absolutely no experience at all, and enriched my life in the process.


Well that's exactly what I'll be telling you, and by the way, 'a life more free and powerful' is your first tip - get yourself a life statement! (I'll show you how).

The Great Gordino Newsletter is a quick read, once a week, and here's what some readers say:

I always look forward to receiving his newsletter, and barring a fire in the building, I'll open it up and read it right away.

He provides good information, but will also throw things in just to keep us off-guard."

Rebecca "Becky" Hagel, author 'The Missing Link'.

He writes it the same as he speaks, it's so cool!

A great read!

Mary Goulet, Internet Talk Radio Host.

The Internet provides opportunities which are truly mind-blowing, and I will be giving tips and advice on how to use them to the full.

You'll also get motivational and achievement theories...hey, why don't I just give you a list!

You'll find out...

  How to find your own "acres of diamonds"

  How to use affirmations to get anything you want (and how
     NOT to use them!)

  How to push through your fears, and even make them work *for*

  How 'regular' people cash in on the Internet without being a
     computer whiz

  Which thoughts can help or hinder your progress

...As well as features and tips, articles and recommended resources which can triple or even quadruple the speed of your self improvement, goal achievement and wealth creation.

Is it the same as all the other newsletters?

No it's not! It has great content, and is just the right length.

It's about the only newsletter I open and read as soon as I get it.

Lynn Terry, Web service professional, author of

And I can tell you this...

  There are no adverts.

No rechurned articles you see everywhere else.

I write it all myself

It's interactive - I'll put *you* in it.

Not pages and pages long - short and sweet.

  If you email me, you actually get a reply!

 British slant on life - it's different I assure you!

I'm an entertainer, I'm positive and I like a laugh as you'll discover, but I've also had low low times in my life, so I can relate to the bad times!

I intend every issue to give you a positve energy charge.
You'll be entertained, and you'll start noticing the world around you change into a more friendly, less stressful place.

Anyhow, I reckon that's about enough 'hard sell'.

Decide for youself, your email is private, never sold or rented.

If you don't like it, you just click 'unsubscribe', and that's the last you hear from me.

If you believe your own worth though, you won't do that - you'll dive into my world of self-improvement, goal achievement and wealth creation, and travel with me towards a life more free and powerful...

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